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Housing Application

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HANDS inproves downtown neighborhood.  Inner-city revitalization took a step forward with our recent completion of five new homes in downtown Erie. 

Read the entire report here.

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As reported in 2004, over the past several years a series of regulatory and environmental factors caused HANDS to begin reevaluationg its business model.  The transiton was challenging.  As HANDS discontinued the operations of several of ist older housing communities, HANDS' management portfolio decreased by approximately 25%.  While a reduction of that magnitude could cause an irreversible decline and ultimate dissolution for any organization, HANDS board and management took the opportunity to examine every level of the organization, including its mission, effectiveness and core competencies.

Read the entire Annual Report Here:

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Without question, as a direct result of the organizational development efforts undertaken over the past several years, HANDS now possess higher-level skill sets and is better prepared to identify community needs, assess project feasibility and link community partners to resources in terms of land, building and financing.


Here is the 2006 Annual Report:

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I was honored to be part of HANDS as we celebrated the organization’s 40th anniversary. I am equally honored to have carried on the role of my father, Charles Scalise, and to keep the vision of my parents and HANDS’ founding members alive as we continue to serve to low-income families, elderly, and adults with disabilities to meet their affordable housing needs.


Here is the 2007 Annual Report:

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