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Housing Application
Housing Application

General House Rules

Living in a housing community requires strict adherence to specific rules so that each resident can enjoy their quiet rights and privileges.  Please note that this is a general summary of the Rules and Regulations.  The apartment community in which you reside may have additional regulations that you must follow.

    The management office is located at 7 East 7th Street, Erie, PA  16501.  Telephone number is 814.453.3333 and fax number is 814.456.0922.
    The office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.  The office is closed for most major holidays.  Most staff members take their lunch from 12:00 (noon) to 1:00 PM.
    Please report any repairs to the Maintenance Request Line at 1-866-284-9890 as soon as they happen.  Reporting maintenance early can reduce the possibility of the problem getting worse or causing other damage.
    For emergency repairs, please call the Maintenance Request Line at 1-866-284-9890 and select the emergency option.  Emergency repairs include:  no heat, no hot water, no electricity, leaking pipes, clogged toilets.   Non-emergencies include those that can wait until the following business day.
    Some examples of damages chargeable to the resident include:
    • Grease or foreign objects in drains or toilets.
    • Holes or marks on walls, cupboards, or doors.
    • Burn marks, stains or holes on floor/carpeting.
    • Broken window or screen.
    • Hauling of rubbish/garbage.
    • Broken or misplaced light fixtures and receptacles.
    • Locks (if you request to have them changed.)
    • Use of any sharp instrument on appliances.
    • Batteries Missing in Smoke alarms.

      PLEASE NOTE: These items above are caused by the tenant, his/her family or visitors.  Call the office at once and report any damage.  HANDS will allow you to make multiple payments on the charge.

    Please consult with your property manager on the best way to move your furniture to minimize disruption of other residents and avoid damages to the common areas or your apartment home.
  7. LOCKS:
    You are NOT permitted to change your apartment lock, common door locks or install any additional locks or deadbolts.  Changing your locks can cause significant problems with our care and maintenance of your apartment home including accessing your apartment in case of emergency.
  8. KEYS:
    No duplicate keys are to be made for any of our apartment buildings or apartments.  Lost keys will be replaced by management.  There will be a charge for replacement of keys.  See your property manager for those charges.
    Guests and visitors are not permitted to use the resident’s keys while visiting or at any other time.
  9. TRASH:
    Trash must be removed from your house daily.  All trash must be put into heavy plastic bags and tied securely and placed in the proper receptacle which is located at the rear of the building.  Recyclables are to be put into blue bags and placed next to the trash receptacle.  Residents are reminded to be very careful in moving the trash from your apartment home to the trash receptacles.  Clean up any leakage and assure that the trash receptacles are covered to avoid attracting rodents or animals.
    Quiet hours are observed from 10 PM to 7 AM.  Television, radios and other sound equipment must be kept to a minimum in respect for your neighbors.
  11. GUESTS:
    Maximum stay is two (2) weeks per year unless approved by the office.  Should a guest remain more than 2 weeks, we will assume that this is an unreported person which is a violation of the lease agreement.
    Residents that are utilizing supportive services, including live-in aides, are responsible for the actions of these service providers while they are on HANDS property.  Supportive service personnel must abide by HANDS rules and regulations while on the property. Violations to the rules and regulations by a service provider may lead to the eviction for the household members on the lease.  Live in aides are required to sign a “Live in Aide Agreement” as well as the “House rules and regulations.”
    Water beds are not permitted.
    As a part of the ongoing maintenance management, residents will be given ample notice for exterminations. Extermination is only effective if ALL the apartment units are exterminated at the same time.  If an unavoidable situation arises, the resident may contact the manager and may request permission to cancel one time within twenty-four hours of initial notice, for good reason. If the resident requests to cancel a second time and is still not prepared they will be in violation of the lease agreement. If on the third appointment, tenant is not prepared, resident faces eviction for material non-compliance of the lease.
    Residents must comply with the housekeeping standards that are listed on the attached “Housekeeping Standards” statement. Periodic inspections of the units will be performed to assure acceptable housekeeping.


    1. Clean in, under on top of stove and refrigerator
    2. Sweep and wash all floors
    3. Wash dishes on a daily basis
    4. Clean bathroom (scrub sink, tub, toilet, and floor)
    5. Dust and vacuum on a weekly basis
    6. Dust down cob webs
    7. Wash windows
    8. Clean cupboards and closets
    9. Wipe down tables and counters
    10. Removed garbage frequently, but no less than twice a week
    11. Clean and organize storage closets
    12. Eliminate piled up clothes.  Keep folded and neat
    13. Eliminate clutter
    Under most circumstances, we will not allow you to paint, wallpaper, install carpets, contact paper or otherwise modify your apartment home.  Please see your manager for details.
    We anticipate all residents to keep our operational costs to a reasonable level by conserving utilities.
    1. Keep Thermostat at sixty five (65) during winter months when you are not at home and no more than 72 when you are at home
    2. Inspect window for gaps and deterioration and make sure they are shut.  If there is air leakage, notify the HANDS office.
    3. When rooms are not in use please turn lights off.
    4. Do not use the oven or burners on your stove for heat.  This is not only expensive, but unsafe as it may lead to a fire in your apartment home.
  18. MAIL:
    At no time shall a resident allow a non-resident to receive mail at one of our properties.  If this situation occurs it will be perceived as the non tenant establishing residency which is a violation of the lease agreement.
    Parking for residents and their guests is provided in the parking lots or parking on public streets. Residents and their guests are responsible for any ticket costs incurred by them when parking on street.
    NO ILLEGAL FIREARMS OF ANY KIND:  No type of illegal firearms are allowed to be in the possession of tenant or any guests of tenants in the unit or on the premises unless carried by Law Enforcement officer who is removing the illegal firearm off the premises.
    ABSOLUTELY NO ILLEGAL DRUG USE ON THE  PROPERTY BY THE RESIDENT, FAMILY MEMBER OF A RESIDENT OR GUEST OF A RESIDENT.  The first offense will be considered a violation of the lease agreement and is subject to immediate termination of the lease.
  22. SMOKING:
    SMOKING IS PROHIBITED IN COMMON AREAS OF THE APARTMENTS  PROPERTY. Common areas are defined as: hallways, lobby, laundry rooms, community rooms, within 5 feet of any of the exterior doors.
    ALCOHOL USE IS PROHIBITED IN COMMON AREAS OF THE APARTMENTS PROPERTY. Common areas are defined as: hallways, lobby, laundry rooms, community rooms, within 5 feet of any of the exterior doors. Eviction can occur if a resident’s abuse or pattern of abuse threatens the health, safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents.
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