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Matthew Good, President/CEO     814-453-3333 x160

Paul Behnken, Director of Finance and Accounting  814-453-3333 x170

Kathleen O'Neil-Thompson, Business Coordinator    814-453-3333 x112

Jennifer Drzewiecki, Administrative Support    814-453-3333 x111



Karen Denning, Accounting Team Leader      814-453-3333 x173

Mary Struble, Accountant     814-453-3333 x172

Mary E. Zenner, Accountant    814-453-3333 x171


Community Management:

Jennifer Sheldon, Director of Community Management     814-453-3333 x120

Joseph S. Szymczak, Community Manager    814-453-3333 x121

Heather Pastuha, Community Manager      814-453-3333 x125

Patricia Weber, Community Manager     814-453-3333 x122

Jessica Lybrook, Community Manager     814-453-3333 x126

Braden Mitchell, Community Manager     814-453-3333 x133

Derek Cavalieri, Community Manager     814-453-3333 x129

Cathy Consiglio - Community Manager     814-453-3333 x124

Dana Preston - Community Manager     814-453-3333 x123

Charles T. Strange, Assistant Community Manager    814-453-3333 x127


Planning & Development:

Timothy Althof, Planning Assistant     814-453-3333 x162


Supportive Services:

Kim Whelan, Elderly Supportive Services Coordinator   814-453-3333 x180

Stephanie Garcia, Supportive Services Coordinator     814-453-3333 x181

Sr. Michele Healy, Villa Maria Apartments Services Coordinator


Facilities Management:

Miquelina Arvelo, Building Services Worker

Jeff Hill, Service Technician

Jamey Martone, Service Technician

Patrick Shearer, Service Technician

Dean Parker, Service Technician

Orlando Cruz, Service Technician

Randy Spinek, Service Technician

Brian Scully, Service Technician

Javier Sanchez, Painter